Shooting Our Shot

Ume by FlavurLust x HOT ONES

Life’s too short to be bland. Sometimes you just need a little push.

Satisfy your hunger. Chase your FlavürLust.

She’s got body, she’s got character. She leaves a lingering taste you can’t forget. Flavor. We lust for her all over the world. And we’re bottling her up so you can lust with us.

We put our heart and soul into making this a foundation of flavor you won’t forget. Our sauce doesn't go out with a whimper. Body, depth, balance - we got it all. Are your taste buds ready to get bangin'?

You can’t buy character, but you can buy FlavürLust and that’s kind of the same thing.

Lust with us

Success is driven not by money, but by character.

Live it, breathe it, embrace it, add character, and be you. Author everyday on your terms.

Aesthetic is beautiful, but character is timeless.

We’re not just a one night stand. We want you to love us and use us, over and over again. Abuse us, even. You can put us on anything.

Sauce is what we do, character is who we are.

Flavürlust is what we’ve created, but behind the brand, it’s Nicholo and Wallace.

We’re chefs who’ve chased our FlavurLüst all over the world - to work and to eat.

We want you to lust with us. Join us in the chase for that undeniable desire for flavor.