Spiked Salsa Roja

By Nicholo Plaza

Traditional Salsa Roja uses the Jalapeno, this one has way more flavor via FlavürLust 


    • 4 Large Tomatoes
    • 1 Small White Onion, cut in half
    • 1 Garlic Clove
    • Umé by 


    • Salt to Taste
    • Lime (optional)
    • Vegetable Oil


  1. Turn on the broiler setting for your oven
  2. Destem the tomato
  3. Toss the tomato, onion and garlic with enough oil to coat
  4. Spread them on a tray and broil until they are charred, roughly 5-10 minutes varying on vegetable
  5. Once charred add everything to a food processor and puree
  6. Season with as much or as little Umé by FlavurLust as desired as well as salt and lime juice